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About NJC Finance

NJC Finance Ltd has seasoned experience in Financial Control and Finance Directorship.  Our managing director Nick Crampton is an accountant (FCCA) and has been involved with finance since 2000.  He has sector experience in news and media, hospitality, telecoms (reseller), architecture and call centres.

Nick is experienced in all facets of accounting, financial control, management and operational reporting. He is versed in prospective financial information including short-term cash flow forecasting, budgeting to medium-term forecasting.

Nick is particularly focused at financial change management having cleaned up a number of finance functions in many sectors, migrated and outsourced finance teams and hived-up acquired entities.  His experience spans both divisions of highly successful blue chip corporates to smaller more entrepreneurial businesses suffering financial stress and distress with the inevitable need for more stringent bank reporting, close cash forecasting and management and HMRC negotiations.  Nick’s approach manages to blend a collaborative working style with colleagues and stakeholders but a directness when it comes to the need for change and improvement.